Keeping control of eczema - text version

Narrator: It’s not always easy having eczema and having to work to keep your skin soft and happy. Our skin is a barrier like a wall that protects us.

Eczema skin needs help from moisturising creams to lock moisture in and keep out things that make eczema worse. These moisturising creams have lots of good things in them to make the skin stronger and prevent flares. They have been designed just for eczema. So, unlike cosmetic moisturisers, they mostly don’t have any perfumes or chemicals in that might make your eczema worse. Moisturising creams are also called emollients. They come in different forms such as ointments, creams, gels and lotions. These can come in tubs, pumps, tubes, or sprays. They all have the same goal so it’s about finding one that works for you. What works for you?

Person 1: So It’s not always easy, but I am pretty good at keeping control of my eczema if I stick to my daily routine. I try to use my moisturising cream twice a day at least! Even when my eczema is already really good, I keep going. Just like brushing my teeth – I do it each morning when I get up and each night before going to bed. I keep a small tube with me for in case my skin feels itchy or dry during the day. I try to keep a routine though or else I forget. And if I forget, sometimes the eczema flares up again.

Person 2: I agree, for me, I find that when my eczema is flaring up it’s best to use the flare control creams as well as my usual routine of moisturising creams. I leave a gap of 20 minutes to not dilute the creams. It works well if I use my moisturising creams in the morning and at bedtime which is what I usually do, and then if I need my flare control cream then I put it on when I come home.

Person 3: I found for dry days I use moisturising creams over my whole body, and especially my usual flare up spots. I try to smooth it in and not rub it in, because rubbing it can make my skin itchy. And I put it on in the same direction as my hair grows. Then I let it soak in while I listen to my favourite tune before I put my clothes on.

Narrator: So, there you have it, moisturising cream forms a protective layer over the skin. This locks moisture in AND stops things that might make eczema worse from getting in. It is important to use moisturisers even when your skin looks good to prevent flare-ups. Using moisturising creams every day can help you keep control of eczema and have comfortable, healthy skin.