Guided relaxation techniques


Go to a calm place

This guided relaxation takes 5 minutes. It helps you to relax your body and mind. It takes you to a safe and calm place that you can visit in your mind whenever you are feeling stressed. Click play in the box below to listen to the guided relaxation

Just take a second

This quick relaxation can be done wherever you are. It only takes a few seconds.

  • Stop what you are doing for a moment.
  • Let your shoulders relax and go down.
  • Take 2 or 3 slower, deeper breaths.
  • Carry on with what you were doing, but just a little slower.

Breathing space

It can be useful to take a short breathing space when you are facing a stressful situation. It can let you catch-up with yourself and take stock. Stepping aside for just a few minutes can help you to think about your problems from a calmer place and see them from a different point of view. Click play in the box below to listen the guided breathing space.

Listen with your child

Click play in the box below to listen to a relaxation recording to help your child relax.