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How can Eczema Care Online help me?

Eczema Care Online will help you to keep your child's skin healthy and support them to live well with eczema.

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Chapter 1

What else can I expect from Eczema Care Online?

There will be quotes throughout that are based on the tips and experiences that parents of children with eczema have given us.

These have been checked by people with eczema to make sure they will be useful for you.

You’ll find out more about:

  • Eczema and its treatment
  • How to make treatment times easier
  • Diet and allergy
  • Bath time
  • Dealing with scratching
  • Eczema at school or early learning centres
  • How to involve your child in their eczema treatment as they get older

We’ve been looking after her eczema for years and thought we knew it all and were really surprised by the helpful new tips we found.

Jordan and Lucy


In this section, we have pulled together the key information that families of children with eczema have told us was most helpful for them.

Chapter 2

Frequently asked questions about eczema

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I think of it as a labour of love. I know that if I keep using his creams and everything it keeps the eczema under control, although it can be a complete pain.

Chapter 3

The skin barrier and eczema

Our skin is a natural barrier that stops things from getting into our bodies and keeps water in the skin. In someone with eczema, this skin barrier works less well. It lets moisture out, making the skin dry.

It also lets in things that irritate the skin, such as soap and bubble bath. This can cause the skin to react, making it itchy and sore.

Watch this video to find out more about the skin barrier in people with eczema.


Chapter 4

Two treatments used well

Many people can feel confused about how to treat eczema. It can be hard to know what treatments to use and when because eczema changes over time.

Both treatments are needed. This is because they help control eczema in different ways.

When these two treatments are used well, they will treat most eczema.

These treatments come as creams, ointments or lotions, but when we group them together we will call them 'creams'.

These treatments come as creams, lotions, ointments or gels, but when we group them together we will call them 'creams'.

There are two main treatments for eczema

Flare control creams (usually steroid creams) - To get control 

Moisturising creams (‘emollients’) - To keep control 

To Get Control

Flare control creams (usually topical corticosteroids, also referred to as steroid creams)

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What are they for?

These creams are used to get control of eczema. They are:

  • Used to treat flare-ups where the skin is more sore or itchy than normal
  • These creams are usually topical corticosteroidscreams (often called steroid creams). Sometimes people are prescribed other flare control creams. We mention these later.

Most people with eczema will need to use flare control creams at some point.

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As soon as there is a flare-up.

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How often

During a flare-up, apply generously once a day (or as often as directed by your health professional) until the eczema is under control.

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How much to apply?

Apply a generous amount to all affected ares, not just the worst area.

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How long for?

Use them until your child’s skin feels smooth and is itch free. It is a good idea to follow up with your health professional after 2-4 weeks.

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Are they safe?

Yes. Even in young children and babies. Studies show that flare control creams are safe when used following the instructions above. They should be applied to the affected skin only.

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To Keep Control

Moisturising creams (emollients)

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What are they for?

These creams are used to keep control of eczema. They help to:

  • Reduce eczema flare-ups by repairing and maintaining the skin barrier.
  • Make the skin soft by locking water in the skin
  • Stop itching

Most people with eczema will need to use moisturising creams every day.

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How often?

At least once a day after bathing.  The drier your child’s skin is, the more often you should apply moisturising cream.

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How much to apply?

Put on a thick layer.  Moisturing creams cannot be overused.

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How long for?

Always! Use moisturising creams even when your child’s skin is clear to reduce flare-ups in the future.

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Are they safe?

Yes. Moisturising creams are very safe. They are used by millions of families with eczema across the world. Sometimes people find they irritate or sting. You may need to try a few till you find one that works for your child.

As soon as we started using moisturising creams more regularly, I noticed that his skin really improved and he had much fewer flare-ups.

Chapter 5


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Flare control creams

Flare control creams are used to get control of eczema flare-ups. They contain medicines to make the skin less sore and itchy. This helps the skin heal. Most people with eczema will need to use flare control creams at some point.

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Moisturising creams

Moisturising creams form a barrier over the skin to protect the skin and keep control of eczema. They help to stop eczema flare-ups by keeping out things that may irritate the skin.